Breast Cancer Silicone Rubber Wristbands Can Help Cancer Victims

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Breast cancer silicone wristbands are pink in color which is meant to create awareness and raise funds for cancer institutes and patients. With the help of these funds many poor patients have benefited who are now leading a happy life.

Now lets know what does this disease mean? Normally this occurs when cells in the breast divide and grow without normal control. Nearly 85% begins in mammary ducts, while about 15 percent arise in the lobules. Tumors in the breast grow slowly and it takes nearly 10 years to grow. But there are some tumors which grow much more rapidly.

According to a survey estimated new cases and deaths from this type of cancer in United States in 2010: There were nearly 207,090 new women patients who are suffering from this cancer and nearly 39,840 females have died. There are various reasons which are associated with increase in this disease among women including family history, advanced age and a personal history of breast cancer.

It can be treated by surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy and hormone therapy. Treatment of this disease is very expensive which cannot be afforded by poor. In order to provide help, many institutes raise money by way of breast cancer silicone rubber wristbands.

Pink wristbands were created to support those who are undergoing treatment, those who lost their loved ones and to celebrate who have survived. There are many charitable organizations that promote this cause. Many people cannot give lot of money but they want to help cancer victims. One best way is to buy silicone rubber wristbands which supports these types of cancer. Teenagers buy this wristband as they benefit in two different ways: one is raise funds for the cause and second it becomes a fashion statement.

Breast cancer silicone rubber wristbands are very cheap and can be purchased by everyone. Many people from teenagers, adults, school teachers, executives have started supporting this disease. What started with pink color pins have moved silicone wristbands rfid into breast cancer bracelets? Some popular wordings that can be embossed or debossed on the bands are "support, knowledge and strength". Many other statements include "hope, faith, love; think pink; live long" etc. Many celebrities have come forward to help those affected.

Silicone wristbands are available in Wristbands start at a dollar. It doesnt take much to show you care, and you support this great cause. You really cheap silicone wristbands will notice breast cancer silicone bracelets are available in different styles. They are de-bossed, swirled, printed, segmented, color-core, color-filled etc. They are comfortable to wear and rarely irritate the skin.

Nowadays many business organizations also sell such a kind of wristband to raise funds for research and to shop their support to patients. These bands can be purchased by schools, churches and teams. Purchase a wristband now and help those affected.

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