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Tasks for the Norne milestone.

Alf's mail to the OPM list

We have done a terrific effort improving the OPM codes the last year, we all deserve a tap on the shoulder. On the reservoir simulation part it seems like we are ready to take on the next big challenge. Namely, demonstrating that we can replace an industry reservoir simulator on one full field model effectively. The Norne case seems most relevant for many reasons. The most prominent being: it is available to academia, several of us are already familiar with it, it converges relatively easily and simulation time is low, it is about as standard as it gets (i.e., few perks and hacks).

I believe we should have the following design goals (please add if you miss some):

  • All physics present in the full field model should be accounted for (e.g., fully implicit black oil and well models with relevant input accounted for in the simulations)
  • We need to be able to parse the data and include files, and feed them to the simulator without user intervention
  • We need to produce relevant grid and summary output for 3D visualization and 2D production data without user intervention
  • We need to be within striking distance performance wise. I believe three times slower than relevant industry simulator is acceptable here.

You will find pointers to the Norne model here:

List of tasks

  1. Implement required simulator features, relative to current state of sim_fibo_ad.cpp. (Atgeirr)
    1. Live gas (Tor Harald) Done
    2. Capillary pressure. (Andreas) Done, but needs more verfication. See autodiff PR#65
    3. Endpoint scaling (Ove) Done
    4. Multiple regions PVT support. Done
    5. New well formulation (Atgeirr and Tor Harald) Done
    6. Well controls (Joakim and Kristian) Done
      1. Well Groups Done
      2. Well constraints and control switching Done
      3. Make autodiff's fully implicit black-oil simulator use the new well controls (Kristian and Joakim) Done
    7. Initialization. (Atgeirr) Done
    8. Hysteresis (Ove and Andreas) Done
    9. Time step controls. (Stein and Bård) Will use uniform steps for milestone
    10. Eclipse style property interpolation (1/Bmu) (Andreas and Ove) Not needed for the first attempt
    11. CPR preconditioning (Atgeirr and Stein) Done
    12. Implement support for WCONHIST/RESV (Bård)
    13. Implement support for THPRES (Atgeirr)
    14. Implement support for SWATINIT and IMBNUM (Ove)
    15. Use MRST norm (Kai) Done
  2. Ensure match between OPM/MRST/Eclipse (Tor Harald and Ove)
    1. SPE1 Done
    2. SPE9 reduced (Tor Harald and Andreas) Done
    3. SPE9 more complete (Atgeirr, Andreas, Tor Harald, Liu Ming) Done
    4. SPE3 for live gas test (Tor Harald and Liu) Done
    5. Test initialization code (Ove) Done
    6. Test end-point scaling code (Ove) Done
    7. Provide new test resembling reduced SPE10 (Bård) Requires a two-phase implementation
    8. Provide reduced Norne test cases (Liu)
    9. Norne testing (Andreas, Atgeirr and Ove)
  3. Produce eclipse binary output (Andreas 1, Joakim) Done
    1. Joakim provides list of output needed, SUMMARY and RESTART, EGRID, INIT. Done
  4. New Parser (Joakim and Kristian)
    1. Add keywords to eclipse parser needed to load the Norne deck Done
    2. Implement conversion of Eclipse metric units to SI units Done
    3. Implement EclipseState
    4. Convert opm-core
      1. Create a branch for this Done
      2. Convert to new parser. Done
    5. Convert opm-autodiff Done
      1. Create a branch for this Done
      2. Convert to new parser. (sim_fibo_ad Done)
  5. Prepossessing/ grid / trans
    1. EQUALS, COPY, MULTIPLY, ADD (Joakim) Done
    2. MAPAXES (Andreas) Not needed: Allows to translate the origin and rotate the grid around the Z-axis
    3. PINCH, MINPV (Bård)
    4. FAULT, MULTFLT, MULTZ, (Andreas)
    5. NTG (Andreas)
    6. FIPNUM, FIPGL, FIPNL (Joakim)
  6. Other keywords that needs to be implemented
    1. VAPPARS
  7. Run Eclipse and test the relevance of these keywords and report back (Liu Ming, Ove)
    1. WPAVE Done
    2. GRUPNET
    3. NETBALAN Done
    4. GECON Done
    6. VFP tables
  8. Keywords that will be ignored
  9. Bug fixing
    1. Norne stops after 3 time steps because changing well conditions