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Tools for static analysis have now been added as conditional tests - tests which only run if you specify a given ctest configuration.

  • ctest -C analyze will run both analyzers
  • ctest -C clang-check will only run clang-check
  • ctest -C cppcheck will only run cppcheck

These tools are in particular run as a nightly Jenkins job.

Note 1: clang-check requires that you configure with -DCMAKE_EXPORT_COMPILE_COMMANDS=1

Note 2: In particular cppcheck gives a lot of false positives and general annoying things, so there are scripts sitting between ctest and the analyzer invocation so that we can classify returns codes a little better and thus reflect this in the test status.

Note 3: Currently opm-parser and ewoms are not covered - first because of the dedicated buildsystem, second because it manually adds executables / do not work through the opm_compile macros.