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New case

This is an attempt to get an overview of the tasks we need to complete to run the new case. It is intended to contain all kinds of tasks, related to both features needed, convergence problems, evaluation of how much a certain feature affects the solution etc.

I have put in parenthesis after the task who is responsible (if decided).

List of tasks

  1. New features for the simulator.
    1. VFP (SINTEF: André and Atgeirr)
      1. VFPPROD tables and usage
      2. VFPINJ tables and usage
    2. Multi-segment wells (SINTEF: Kai and Atgeirr)
    3. COMPORD '*' 'INPUT, ordering completions by input order (Statoil)
    4. STONE1 three-phase relations (Andreas)
    5. Support SLGOF input (Andreas)
    6. THPRES with defaulted values, taking pressure diffs from initial state (Andreas, Joakim)
    7. WCONINJH, history matching injectors (Tor Harald, Fredrik)
    8. Initialisation with datum depth outside oil zone. (Ove)
    9. MULTFLT in schedule section (Joakim has tested, is significant for new case)
    10. Support for WELSPECS item 10 = NO i.e. no crossflow. (Tor Harald, (has a working prototype for the simulator part without crossflow.) )
  2. Things that should be checked that we support well enough already
    1. RSVD, RVVD for initialisation (Ove)
    2. GRIDOPTS YES, allowing MULTX-, MULTY-, MULTZ-
    3. PATHS, when current directory is not the same as where the DATA file resides (Joakim)
  3. Things we should verify do not matter for the simulation results
    1. WTEST
  4. Testing with the new case
    1. Trying to run the new case without new features, deleting unsupported keywords (already in progress, IRIS)
    2. Running the complete case when all features have been implemented
  5. Smaller issues and bugs
    1. Handle cases where satnum=1 cells are removed using ACTNUM (Tor Harald, fix exists)
    2. Handle wells with connections outside the grid, possibly caused by MINPV (should at least add warnings, must discuss how to handle)
    3. Handle WRFTPLT with 'wellname' 'YES', 'NO', 'NO' This is actually the only WRFTPLT configuration we handle all the way - have succesfully instantiated a Schedule object from the deck and hence consider this case solved. (Joakim)
    4. Close history matched wells with zero rate where crossflow is banned
    5. BHP limits for history matching wells
    6. Model size independent norms for the time-stepping algorithm (Tor Harald)
    7. different surface densities for different regions (Tor Harald)
    8. mu * b interpolation for water (Tor Harald)